Not apologizing for having big boobs

A year ago I did an advertisement for an exfoliating spin brush and posted it on my socials. The photo was taken by my husband and it was me in my pajamas holding the brush. I actually thought I looked beautiful in the photo and was proud when I shared it to my audience. Little did I know that I would spend the next few hours constantly checking and deleting hurtful comments about my body.


All the negative comments were about how offensive my big boobs were,  it was degrading to women, that I should be ashamed exploiting myself and dressing like a slut. One went as far as comparing me to a prostitute “I see you’re whoring yourself now for a quick buck.” Sadly, most of these comments came from women. There were also a handful of men who made sexual innuendos about my “jugs.” Why is this okay? I was not in a bikini, I was not in my underwear, I was not bent over the sink, I was not doing anything inappropriate or provocative. Yet many women felt the need to attack me for it because I’m a mother and wife and having big breast is not appropriate? Should I be ashamed of my big breast now because others find it offensive? Am I not allowed to wear a tank top or spaghetti straps without worrying how others would perceive me? Of course not. It’s not my problem what people perceive with their own insecurities. My big assets should not be considered obscene and I’m not going to apologize for having them. Apparently body shaming comes in all shapes and sizes.

I’m realizing now that regardless of the size of my breast people will still have something to say. I wonder if I was flat chested in this photo how many comments I would get about looking like a boy? Or if there would be any comments about getting implants? I think we live in a society that considers breast obscene, especially large ones. I actually think we are hurting ourselves when we blur out nipples on tv, it’s saying that it’s offensive and should not be seen. I think we all forget what breast are really for! It’s for nursing young, just like all mammals do. We see a cow nursing her calf and it’s beautiful. It’s part of life! Give women breast the same courtesy.

Don’t worry, it only bothered me that day and I moved on. If I let internet bullying bother me too much, it would over take my life and I refuse to let them win. Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts.


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  1. Butch says

    You look beautiful don’t let so dumbass people get to you. This are people that probably have now what good look are. The character of these women is awful

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