6 week weight loss challenge – week 3

Avocado Toast and Fruit Breakfast sample 1To recap everyone. I joined a six week weight loss challenge. I paid $497 and if I lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks I get it back. I lost 7 pounds in my first 2 weeks and my 3rd week I haven’t lost any. The consensus from my FB group is that everyone is feeling that hump so I don’t feel that bad. That being said, I am going to up my work outs and add 3 days of extra cardio on top of my 6 days a week workouts.

Here is what I ate during week 3. I am still sticking to 1200 calories, but I realize I need to increase more protein in my diet.

June 23rd

Breakfast 327 calories

D-light sausage, egg whites, cheese and English Muffin from Jimmy Dean with ketchup and mustard. I also had a few bites of gluten free pancakes with syrup because I was recipe testing.

Lunch 324 calories

I had chicken tacos on corn tortillas, chicken breast, guacamole, salsa and cheese. 1 cup of sliced strawberries.

Dinner 258 calories

Chicken breast, side of broccoli and some crab with butter

Snacks 230

I had a serving of honey nut cheerios, with sliced bananas and almond milk.

June 24th

Breakfast 389

Jimmy Dean Sausage and Egg white English muffin with ketchup and mustard.  1 cup of sliced strawberries. 1 hard boiled egg.

Dinner 565

Turkey Burger, wrapped in lettuce instead of bun. Sweet potato fries

Snacks 271

apple, cheese, muscle milk shake

June 25th

Breakfast 131

Herbalife shake with almond milk (this was a small breakfast because I had a early morning workout and I don’t like feeling full during that time)

Lunch 410

broccoli, white rice and beef short ribs

Dinner 509

Chicken with broccoli, lightly breaded calamari dip in sweet chili sauce. And a few bites of chocolate covered bananas.

Snacks 216

Cotton candy grapes, cheerios with almond milk

June 26th

Breakfast 296

Jimmy Dean egg white sausage muffin with ketchup and strawberries

Lunch 196

Honeynut cheerios with banana and almond milk

Dinner 400

Salmon, quinoa and asparagus


Snack 230

herbalife shake with almond milk, edamame, carrots

June 27th

Breakfast 232

scrambled eggs with corn tortilla and salsa

Lunch 200

Tuna, white rice

Dinner 477

Chicken thighs, rice and Salad


Chicken breast, cotton candy grapes, chocolate pudding and corn on the cob.

June 28th

Breakfast 288

scramble egg tacos with zucchini and salsa. Side of strawberries

Lunch 275

Greek yogurt, almonds, strawberries banana and hempseed

Dinner 300

Homemade Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (swapped out with spaghetti squash noodles)

Snacks 220

Greek yogurt, banana and kettle popcorn

June 29th

Breakfast 331

Eggs, spinach tortilla with salsa. 1 small banana and strawberries

Lunch 250

Tuna, white rice. Cherries

Dinner 300

Spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Snacks 165

Edamame, carrots, broccoli, apple




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