Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl

I got inspired to make my Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl from Acai Bowls. I love the idea of making a smoothie bowl and adding variation of toppings. I make the smoothie thicker by adding less liquid so it will hold up better with the toppings. I treat it like I would my oatmeal in the morning with the added toppings.  You can also substitute pineapple with frozen mango or papaya. It really wouldn’t be a Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl anymore, but it’s more the idea of having a fruit smoothie blend bowl in the morning. As long as you use starchy base like banana to be hold the toppings. Having a smoothie bowl is a great way to get all your antioxidants and nutrients in the morning and you can change it up everyday so you don’t get bored.

Pina Colada Bowl

Pina Colada Bowl

Pineapple Banana Smoothie Bowl
Recipe type: Healthy
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2
  • 2 banana
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • 2oz sliced almonds
  • 2 tsp. chia seeds
  • 2oz shredded coconut
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • ½ cup ice
  1. Add 1⅔ bananas into blender. Leave a few slices to top your bowl.
  2. Add pineapple, coconut water and ice.
  3. Blend everything until smoothie and top with remaining ingredients

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