Is the Keto Diet Right For Me?

keto diet breakfast
Chances are you probably know someone who is on a keto diet.  With the rate this diet is going, more and more people are taking it up.  I know numerous people who have lost weight by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, and even though their results are easy to see, the keto diet is not for me.  I’ve considered it but I already know what works for my weight loss, and I’m going to stick with it. But since so many people always ask me about going keto, I’ll share some facts, some meal examples, and then let you know what diet works for me.  

The keto diet, short for ketogenic, is all about eating more fat than carbohydrates (or drinking it too, if you do Bulletproof coffee).  I know that seems like a contradiction to eat more fat, especially when you feel like you’ve got fat to lose.  When you drastically cut carbs, this keeps your body in ketosis, a natural state for the body that is fueled by fat and increases metabolism.  Instead of getting energy from carbs, or fueling yourself from sugar, your body burns fat for energy.  

When you start a keto diet, you really have to follow a plan.  Usually your carb intake has to be less than 50 grams per day, and you should have a ratio of fats to carbohydrates and protein, either a 3 or 4-to-1 ratio.  That means for every 3 grams of fat eaten, you should eat 1 gram of combined carbohydrate and protein. You’ll probably have to cut out carbohydrates altogether, meaning no sugars or starches, less fruits, and even no yogurt.  If you look at the recipes I create, you can already see how I can’t go keto. Even though I eat foods with carbohydrates, sugars, and starches, and I love fruit and yogurt, I still lose weight and don’t have to forfeit my favorite foods.  

Chimichurri steak

So what does a day in a keto diet look like?  To be honest, it doesn’t look too different than what I make for my meals.  For breakfast, one idea is an omelet cooked in coconut oil with spinach and mushrooms.  For lunch, steak and salad with plenty of vegetables would be great to increase your fiber intake.  My Spicy Chimichurri Steak would be great with a salad.  I love tacos, so I can’t cut out tortillas, but I’ve seen plenty of tortillas made out of crisped cheese so that people can still enjoy Taco Tuesdays while on a ketogenic diet.  And that cauliflower-everything trend? Yes, that’s keto-friendly since you’re replacing rice and breads with cauliflower (like my Cheesy Cauliflower Mash).


Snacks are ok to eat while on a keto diet, and some options are unsalted nuts, cheese, and even strawberries with heavy cream.  In this case, the fruit is combined with a fat. This makes me feel better that you don’t have to cut out fruits entirely, but it still doesn’t convince me to go keto.

Healthy Snacks

So what diet do I follow to lose weight?  I prefer to eat healthy and be in a calorie deficit.  You can see an example of my 1200 calorie a day meal plan, and also what I ate when I went through a 6 week weight loss challenge.  I had a variety of meals and didn’t feel like I was overdoing it with fat.  My meals were low-carb and I even tried out Atkins, which is a keto-friendly diet, but I like it more because it has expanded food choices and a balance of macronutrients.  All in all, I’m happy to say that I finally found something that works for me that I can stick to, and that’s important for anyone’s weight loss journey.

As always, consult with a doctor or health professional before starting any diet plan.  

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