Review for UP2 Jawbone Activity Tracker

Up2 Jawbone Activity TrackerI saw on Amazon that the UP2 by Jawbone activity tracker was on sale for $33 from $99 so I decided I would order one for my mom. I wanted her to stay more active, especially since her job she sits all day.  This simple and affordable fitness band has been such a great motivation for her. It’s pretty cute to wear and not bulky like some of those other trackers.


The Jawbone activity tracker is linked to an app on your phone, so my mom is able to check out how many steps she did in a day, how many miles that converts to, how many calories are burned, and even how long she’s been idle for.  There is even a way to log your food so that you can see what your eating trends are and how many calories you eat.  The Jawbone also connects to other fitness and food apps if you are using other apps to keep track of your health. It’s water resistant and you can even track your sleep!

You can also set goals with the Jawbone.  My mom chose a goal of 10,000 steps a day, and she can see her weekly progress towards that goal in the dashboard of the app.  She has more work to do to reach her goal but it’s been so nice to see her excited to move more.

My favorite part of the Jawbone activity tracker is that you can link to your friends and you can encourage and compete with each other.  A little social motivation and pressure always works! Here’s the link where I ordered it UP2 Jawbone is on sale right now.  With the holidays around the corner it would be a great health gift for yourself, family and friends. I’ve already ordered two more for my sister and brother.

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