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If you’re looking to take your yoga practice to new heights, Loews Regency San Francisco has the answer for you. Their rooftop yoga sessions on the 40th floor sky deck are guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted….literally! Top that experience with a fresh green juice and a visit to The Maack Spa for a facial afterwards, then you’ve got the ultimate Saturday morning plan to treat yourself. You deserve it!

Here’s how to make your plan for one of the most relaxing Saturday mornings ever:

  • Contact Loews Regency San Francisco to sign up for a class from the months of June through October. Choose a Saturday morning when you’ll be in town.  Classes are $30 and include a mat and towel to use, plus refreshing green juice after.  Views and photo opportunities are free!
  • Call The Maack Spa and book a treatment following your yoga class. Yoga students receive 20% off of spa treatments booked the same day as class!  Make sure to leave enough time in between to take photos of the views after yoga.

What can you expect on this morning?

The Spa

First, arrive at Loews Regency and meet in the spa on the third floor. After signing in, the yoga instructors from Wheel House, a local yoga and cycling studio, will escort you to the 40th floor. The excitement builds up as the elevator ascends through the different levels. Part of yoga is finding balance, and once you exit the elevator, you have to balance out taking awesome scenic photos with setting yourself up for class.

Sky Deck Yoga

After a few photos, grab one of the provided yoga mats, a towel, and make yourself comfy on one of the sky decks. On this morning, the more advanced class was on the south side of the building, which had more sun and views for days of the city. But the north side was for beginners and had the sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island, and the iconic Transamerica Pyramid. Make sure to wear layers as anytime of year in San Francisco can be a bit chilly.

Sky Deck Yoga

Classes start with the instructor asking about areas of focus, and also if there are any injuries to take note of. Then, the yoga practice begins. Expect to hear the urban sounds act as your soundtrack for the entire class; from church bells, to sirens, to the city breeze as you go into sun salutations. You’ll find yourself being amazed at the scenery, using buildings along the water as focal points as you hold your poses. Nothing quite beats being in Warrior 2 while looking at that view! The teacher will come around to help you in your pose, correcting your posture or providing a gentle push to pull you deeper into the stretch.

Sky Deck Yoga

Then at the end of class, there is Savasana, or the corpse pose.   As you look up into the sky and see the skyscrapers above before you close your eyes, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and solitude in the middle of such a big city.

Sky Deck Yoga

If simply being on a sky deck in a scenic city and practicing yoga isn’t enough, a glass of house-made green juice awaits you after you finish rolling up your mat. Ending an energizing yoga class with an energizing drink 40 floors up is definitely elevating!

Sky Deck Yoga

After taking the last photos of the views and one with the yoga teacher, it’s now time for even more relaxation in The Maack Spa. You’ll need at least 30 minutes in between the end of the class to the start of your appointment so you can fully enjoy the experience.

The Spa at Loews Regency

What separates the The Spa from others is that each room is a suite complete with a private rainforest shower and all the amenities you need to freshen up. Take a shower and spray the eucalyptus into the water to make it really feel like a spa experience. Then slip on one of the most comfortable robes ever and your technician will arrive to greet you. You’ll slip into the cozy bed…and slip away into complete relaxation.

The Spa at Loews Regency

For the Brightening Facial, the technician starts by first asking about your skin. Then a light steam will prepare your face and décolleté.   The technician will take care of any extractions, as well as apply a Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel. This feels a little “spicy” but that only means that you can tell it’s working. After a relaxing head massage and various levels of moisturizing, your facial will be finished and you’ll lay there in yet another Savasana style pose, relaxed as ever.

The Spa at Loews Regency

As you close up, the technician will suggest products for you, based on your skin type. In this instance, there is a home-version of the Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel ($56) that is not as “spicy” as the professional version used in the treatment. Also suggested was the Botanical Brightening Serum ($52), Rose Geranium Soothing Mist ($28), and the Jan Marini Daily SPF 33 ($51).

The time is now noon and you can’t believe how much you’ve already accomplished in the morning. Now, all that’s left of the day is to continue to treat yourself. Your body and mind will feel more energized to grab a healthy lunch and finish up the rest of a great day.

If you can’t wait until June to treat yourself, or if you’re not a yoga person, the Maack Spa at Loews Regency is extending an offer to My Healthy Dish readers.  Call (415) 276-9769 and mention My Healthy Dish for 20% off of treatments through the month of November.  Go ahead and treat yourself!

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