How the kitlife Daily Planner Changed My Life


In 2017 I was struggling with anxiety and depression. At that time, my social platforms were growing and there was more work coming my way than ever before but instead of being excited, I felt overwhelmed. I was having a hard time balancing life at home and work. I felt I was not doing enough for my kids when I was working and I felt like I wasn’t doing enough work when I was with my family. It did get to the point where I started avoiding work and doing the bare minimum to get back, which only caused more anxiety and depression. I was putting out fires instead of working on my passion projects. Work started to feel like work, instead of something I started because I loved it.

I was very lost and reached out to my cousin Marlayna, who I knew was obsessed with planners. I asked her to help me pick a planner that would best suit my needs. We then spent the next three hours researching planners. I had no idea there was so many! We finally narrowed it down to the kitlife 2018 Daily Planner. I was at first skeptical that a planner would help me that much because I had my own system of notes on my phone and calendar on my computer. Well, obviously the system I had in place did not work. I actually missed a friends wedding, but that’s another story for another time…


I spent two hours converting everything from my calendar and notes into my kitlife. When everything was in one place it didn’t seem so intimidating.  The actual process of writing things seemed almost archaic at first, but in actually, it helps me to bring more intention into the work I do, rather than just entering info into my phone or computer.  I do so much work typing that it was so refreshing to write!  Now I have all my calls, appointments, campaigns, travels, and events in one place. Every night I would write down my to do list for the next day, and that helps me to stay on track, especially when I have a huge grocery shopping list to complete! Each time I put a checkmark on my task, I feel so accomplished and motivated to keep with this system.

So what ultimately has made this planner so different than any other planner?  It’s because the kitlife planner isn’t just a to-do list.  The goals of the planner are to help you live your best life, and they thoughtfully crafted the planner to increase your productivity, focus on healthy habits, and live your life with happiness and gratitude.  How do they do that?  There actually is a prompt box for Wellness and Gratitude on each daily page, which means you’re reflecting on those on the daily.  It’s been so helpful for me to not only focus on my schedule full of meetings and deadlines, but also to think about my own wellness- both physical and mental.  My planner also came in handy during a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Challenge that I’ve been leading this past 30 days.  Even though my meal plan is all printed out in a nice document, I still find myself writing it down in my planner too.  You can download the challenge here and use it as is, or enter it in your planner like me.  


There are also pages each month for things to focus on, from Self-Care Suggestions to fun facts, to the Best Time to Buy.  I’ve learned some pretty interesting facts from those monthly pages, like you can actually mail a lime by writing an address on the fruit!  


But that is not all, because this planner has something else that I love, which is the Quarterly Check-In.  This is a space to plan for quarterly goals and also reflect on the previous quarter’s progress, write about what I’m excited about, plan out some reading, and also take a personal inventory.  I’ve never seen a planner that incorporates check-ins for your weight, body fat, sleep, and even asking a simple questions: “Do my clothes fit?”  This has been so helpful, especially as I’ve been focusing on the Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Challenge.  


The kitlife planner literally changed my life. I’m so much more efficient and that has led to more time for my family and more importantly, I have more time for myself. I’ve been working out 5 days a week, reading, watching Netflix, and just having so much more down time.  But the best part is that I feel so organized.  The kitlife planner lives on my desk, and just like how I check my phone throughout the day, I now check my planner too to make sure I’m on track to living my best life possible.  

If you’re ready to live your best life and get a kitlife planner, you can get 20% off any kitlife purchase with code MYHEALTHYDISH.  There are so many other options to choose from, like their Weekly Planner and even a Life Planner!  You can also customize your planner to add tracker stickers (ie. for meal planning) or additional note pages or business pages. I encourage you to check it out to see the possibilities of what you can do to create a planner that is customized to your lifestyle.

And don’t forget to download my Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Challenge, complete with a meal plan and full body circuit training.  This download will only be available for a short time.   

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of kitlife. The opinions and text are all mine.

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