What To Bring To An All-Inclusive Camping Trip With Tentsile

Nick Lake, Online, US Camp Out 21

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When traveling with your family, going the all-inclusive route is sometimes the easiest thing to do, and after experiencing what it’s like on cruises and at resorts, I’m excited to see what all-inclusive camping is like with Tentsile.  I’m going at the end of the month with my family, and since it’s only a 2.5 hours away from San Francisco, I can tell this will be the easiest camping trip in history (my husband will thank me).  All food, beverages (including beer and whiskey happy hour for the parents), and activities are included, and the best part is that your tent is also set up already. But here’s the catch- the tents are set up in the trees!  We’ll be sleeping in tree tent villages in the Redwoods!

We will, of course, have to bring a few items, but it will be far from a packed car full of camping gear.  We don’t even need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow because we can rent that too! But as a mom, I know that the kids and hubby will want their favorite snacks and drinks, and we’ll need all the general camping accessories to keep us safe in the water, in the sun, and during the night hours.  Here are the top 5 items I will be bringing for my family for this all-inclusive camping trip:

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  1. Reusable water bottles

    This event is all about healthy living and sustainability, so to prevent mountains of empty plastic water bottles, Tentsile provides drinking water, just bring your own bottles.  My favorite is by Nalgene because it’s clear so you can see how much you’re drinking and because it’s lightweight. Make sure each person in your family has a water bottle in a different color, and bring an extra one to fill up just in case!

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  2. Headlamps

    I know that my twins will have the most fun with these headlamps, but as much fun as they are, they are also for our safety.  It’s great to be hands-free when walking around at night, and I’m sure I’ll see these on the girls’ heads in the tent.  I’m going to get one for everyone in the family- in a different color too.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.08.33 AM

  3. Solar Shower

    I think you can already tell that this will be a camping experience unlike any other, but here’s another thing: there are hot showers!  I’m going to bring along a solar shower to hang by our tree tent so that we can have a place to wash our hands and quickly rinse off anything before we head into the trees to sleep.

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  4. Life Jackets

    This camping trip will be packed with activities to do, from yoga, to tree climbing, to tons of water activities.  There will be kayaks and stand-up paddle boards too, but I wouldn’t want to keep my kids from hitting the river, so I’ll make sure my family is outfitted in the same color life jackets so that we don’t get them mixed up with everyone else’s.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.07.01 AM

  5. Rolling Cooler

    Even though all the food is included, we’re still going to have to pack some healthy snacks.  I love how I won’t have to plan for any cooking, so that means that the cooler space will be full of things to munch on like cold fruit, sliced veggies, boiled eggs, and cheese cubes.  I might even make something special for us! I like this cooler because it’s a smaller size but still can double as a cup holder and an end table, and the wheels make it easy for my girls to help move the cooler around as well.  

I have to admit that I would bring these top 5 items even if I was camping the traditional way, but instead of bringing a packed car and having to worry about all the food and supplies so my family can survive a weekend in the woods, Tentsile makes it so easy for me to just bring the necessities and show up with less stress.  

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