Back to School with PLAE

Plae shoes sample 2Summer vacation has come to an end for us and it’s back to school for the twins. It’s hard to believe that Shayna and Kiera are already starting 3rd grade. It seems like a short while ago we were walking them into Kindergarten, giving them an endless amount of kisses and hugs before reluctantly leaving them in their classroom.

Summer started with a trip to Disneyland and finally going on all the big kid rides, which was much more fun for us parents this time around. We ended Summer with the PLAE Fashion Show in San Francisco. The day before, the girls and I made fruit kabobs with yogurt dip for a fun, healthy snack for the models backstage.In case you’re wondering, this wasn’t just any fashion show, because most of the people in the room and on the runway were children! It was such a fun experience for kids to see a fashion show made with them in mind. It was set up just like a real fashion show, from the step and repeat, to the stage, to the models, but of course, sprinkled with a little stardust and moonbeams to make it even more awesome for the kids.

First of all, the stage was amazing! It felt like we were in a spaceship from the future… and that was the perfect way to gear us up for the planetary voyage we were about to take with PLAE. They had kids dressed as ‘Mission Control’ pass out glowsticks, star-shaped pillows all along the runway for them to sit, and all the cookies and candy they could eat from the Milky Way Bar. I’m glad we brought a healthy snack to balance all the treats out! We had front row seats to the action, and I would take this over any fashion show in Paris! The highlight of the show was of course seeing PLAE’s new Interstellar collection in action. We had a chance to see the shoes displayed in super cool light rings before and after the show, but nothing compared to seeing them on the runway.

During the fashion show, I could tell my girls were loving every moment of it from the starry gazes in their eyes. They were awed by the glittery makeup, dazzled by the crazy-cool colored wigs, and amazed by all of the creative costumes and props to go with the looks. Every look really blew our minds and brought the PLAE shoes to a next level- one that’s out of this world! What was great was that this was more than just a typical fashion show, it was like a party from another galaxy. The models were so cute and fun, and some of them even got their dance on! The confetti at the end really made it feel like a celebration. After the show, I knew that they could see themselves walking down that runway too; crazy make-up, neon wigs, and all. There were even parents that walked the runway with their kids, and as the girls looked up at me when a mom walked with her daughter, I knew they could see me walking with them, too.

PLAE Fashion Show

I told the girls to keep a look out for what shoes caught their eye so they could wear them for back to school. Kiera chose the Emma Cosmic Waves because of the shimmery iridescent color. Shayna chose the Cam Deep Space Purple because purple is her favorite color. What I like is that they could switch out the tabs to their liking and personality. I also learned that the shoes they chose from the PLAE collection have a matching cosmic waves material that’s textural with a luxe look. Not only are both of the shoes they chose super cute, the inner soles are thick and soft. That is so important to me because the girls are very active and I want them to be comfortable while playing. Plus, with the velcro straps, it makes it easy for them to slip their shoes on and off, because tying your shoes is so earthly.

For their first day of school, we chose a comfy look with a simple galaxy-style watercolor t-shirt and jean shorts to pair with their out-of-this-world shoes because it was going to be another hot day here is Cali. Although they’re not identical twins, they love dressing the same, but if they were part of the fashion show, I know they’d each want unique cosmic outfits. At least they have different tastes in shoe styles to show their different personalities, and yet both of the shoes still have a cohesive look to them so they still match together.

PLAE Back to School

We’re already looking forward to next year’s fashion show…who knows what fun theme PLAE will come up with next? Fingers crossed the girls will be rocking that runway! But for now, at least they’ll be rocking their new shoes on the first day of school…from the playground and beyond! To see the PLAE Fall Collection and shop, go to

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