Healthy Travels with Aloha Daily Good Greens

As you guys know, I just recently did a tour of Canada. I started in the beautiful city of Quebec and ended my 5-day trip in Montreal. The food was amazing and the people are so friendly. It was on a press tour so I got to try a lot of different cuisines. The food was plentiful, rich and delicious. During these tours when everything is already planned out for you, it might be challenging to stay healthy and active.


I was fortunate enough to have Aloha send me a care package of their Daily Good Greens Powder

It can be mixed into smoothies, juice, protein shakes or just water. In my case I used hot tea or warm apple cider. I’m from California and was not used to the colt Winter of Canada. I drank a lot of hot tea and cider during my stay to try to keep warm.

It was a great way to still squeeze in a dose of green super foods without traveling with my blender. Most of the time I would have a glass of Daily Dose Greens in the mornings before I left my hotel room or if I were short on time, I would carry a packet with me to the next restaurant. It was just so convenient; I really had no excuse not to stay on a healthy diet while away. It’s ok to indulge a bit in your travels, but it’s also nice to have something so familiar while I’m away.

It actually made quite a conversation piece over lunch when all the ladies at the table wanted to sample. The ingredient list packed full of whole foods like spirulina, spinach, wheatgrass juice, wild blueberries, coconut water, lemon, Hawaiian red Alaea salt and many more. Did I forget to mention that everything is also Organic?!

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