The main mission of Myhealthydish is to offer free healthy recipes that are simple and delicious. Here you will find healthier alternatives to the dishes you love and be introduced to new foods that you might have over looked before. You will see that I do not follow any diet plans, but do offer a variety of recipes for everyone. To me healthy is going to back to basics, cooking more and eating less processed foods. It became clear to me that people needed and wanted more variety in their daily meals.

It was from a restless night in May 2012 that led me to create Myhealthydish.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the trend on my Instagram page. I was getting a lot of attention and feedback from the healthy food dishes I created for my family. It surprised me that so many people were asking for recipes, health advice and for weight loss tips.

At 4am that morning the light switch finally went off in my head, and the philosophy that I lived by was screaming in my ears. “Nutrition is a way of life and diets are temporary.” I got out of bed with a mission; I plan on showing the world eating healthy can be easy and tasty! I grabbed my phone and started cleaning out my feed, mainly keeping photos of the food I made. The outcome of that action was truly humbling; I went from 500 followers that night to 30,000 in the span of 4 months. Two years after that fateful night we made it to over 1 million healthy followers.


My background is in finance, my degree in Communications, but my dream was to become a Dietician. I was well on my way of making that a reality, when I got sidetrack with a little miracle. After years of trying to get pregnant I was blessed with twin girls! I dedicated the next 3 ½ years of my life to being the best mom I can be to Shayna and Kiera. Yet these past few years I felt the inner restlessness that I think most parents feel when they put their careers on hold.  That is why I am so excited about Myhealthydish and thankful for the many opportunities it has given me. I am able to do what I love and help people in the process. Restless nights are few and far between now; I am able to close my eyes and dream.

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    I just wanted to follow up regarding an email I sent. I am the manager of Your Zen Life – a health and wellness website by Teresa Palmer.

    We would love for you to be featured on the site, is this something you would be interested in?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Cassandra x

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